by JoeyDGAF

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blah blah blah who cares youre not even reading this


released February 4, 2016

me - everything



all rights reserved


JoeyDGAF Coeur D'Alene, Idaho


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Track Name: Im Actually Wavy
I been myself
I done my own shit with nobody's help
Ever since I picked those bottles off that grocery shelf
I used to be more clever with the lines I wrote
But now I'm tryna speak whats on my mind
Because that's what I owe myself
If you Dont fuck with it,
Well homie you can suck a dick
I Dont fuck with shit
I say it all the time
Dont give a fuck n shit
But that's my life, at least I stuck with this
I've been up and down, I've been sick of shit
Weather got me down and I've been missin shit
Not cause my squads gone,
That's just different shit
Not cause my life gone,
Thats just a different kid.

So I add a little more hi hats, in the hope that
But I Dont even trap, so I'm not gonna lie
Back to boom bap, old school rap,
But that's not cool
How am I gonna get famous if I can't even rhyme black?

It's all cool, I'm all good
It's time that I show em how I still would,
And how I still could,
Even when I can't find THAT.
I'm worried I'm not gonna get this time back, I'm waistin it
But if there's a way you know I'm gonna find that.
I'm tracin shit, I'm seein all the patterns I DONT wanna be in.
They treatin me like shit and not a human bein

I Dont even know which kinda crowd you try put me in,
But it tends to get a little crowded where you push me in.
I'm surrounded by these pussies man
I'm at the pound gettin pounded by these pussy men
And now I'm at a pond ponderin the end
I wanna drown, go ahead and push me in. please
Track Name: Empathy Dont Exist
I'm just another asshole, Dont try to make me out as anything(,) but(.),
Did you know that I DONT Give A Fuck

I'm still in my room, tryna figure out
Who the fuck I am and what the fuck I'm spose to do

Yeah I cuss what is it to you, I'm a genius,
I got a clue. You Dont know a thing about my meanin
Ya'll got the impression that I just think with my penis
Please bitch, I Dont give a fuck about that stank puss.

Dont care about those bitches fame or dank kush,
I just wanna live what I've been dreamin

The only reason I'm ahead and I'm still in your grade is cause ya'll
kids didn't get left behind and I stayed you can thank Bush.

Our generation saved because the iPhone came out late
But me? I still Dont have a plan cause I'm a broke bitch.
Even though I slave till I dig a grave for my diginity,
I'm worried I wont be able to make it with sincerity.

Ya hearin me? Everybody went deaf.
They forgot that I started Coeur D Alene recordin game
And that I been best

I'm an artist, got a troubled conscience but I been blessed.

You think that I Dont know that?

You think that I'm so low that

That I can understand you?

That you influence my decisions
or I'd change my vision so that I could understand you?

Empathy DONT exist.

That's why I Dont know I do

Empathy DONT exist.

That's why I got expelled from high school

That's how my life got ruined, that's how my life got started

Empathy put me in Juvi but it put me on a mic too

Even though I'm smarter, even though that I'm retarded

I Dont plan to be a father but that's some shit that I might do
just so I can rub it in your face when I do that too.
Track Name: IDK

all I ever seem to do is say that I Dont ...

Pay enough attention to care about that conventional rap style, bitch
Where the reverb at?

I been back since I lost my lap
and everything that I worked for since I started rap
And I'm only back because I'm worth more than a quarter back,
sorta sad, over slept on, overworked, and under played.
The only light I kept on was the hope that when the suns away
I might get some rest cause I been sick of this shit as of late
I've been questionin when I'm gonna reach the other side of shit creek
Or as I see it, my adversity big enough to be
a shit lake or a shit sea

But closure's worse than always speculatin what I'm gonna be.

Instead of endin it so quick,
maybe I should stick around and see what I'm gonna be.

I'm scared of what this life has in store for me
but if I see an opportunity, I'm gonna steal it cause that's more for me
I Dont care about my feelins, you Dont care about my speech
But one day all your children might be lookin up to me, Dont ask me


It's kinda hard to be everything I want because I'm so shy
But I'm not, I made sure everyone knew that I'm so fly
Mockin bird came out and I was so high,
Coastin off the pedestal I posted on.
I was stoked about the cloud I posted on
New platform and life that I was hopin on
Ever since that night I made that song, I've been focused on
I got through the pain with OTCs and anything I wasn't smokin on
But I couldn't breathe

It was all a dream, I couldn't even fathom
I got passion that can reach from the beach (downtown CDA)
all the way to Rathdrum. (that's far)
Shoutout to my team, if I ever had one
I got no one in my lane but I can still manage to pass em
through whatever means
I Dont have no mercy
I Dont Give A Fuck about these bitches tryna curse me.
Words cheap
but not mine that's all I can say that hurts me
when you Dont hear my pain through every line that I rehearse free